Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker
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1. Innovative patent technology 360° health shield makes Robam induction cooker ideal for health and environmentally conscious for users.
2. The unique double coil design brings double power, resulting in better thermal efficiency.
3. The finger-touch control fire adjustment greatly facilitates your operations.
4. The new "pap hot milk" function allows the induction cooker to effectively kill harmful bacteria while preserving probiotics.
5. The Induction Cooker has a new barbecuing function with 8 temperature levels, so you can enjoy smoke-free barbecue at home.
6. The Induction Cooker offers intelligent cooking programs (stewing, frying) and real-time power display.
7. You can use the 24-hour preset timer to have your favorite dish ready at a desired time
8. With 16 security protection functions, the Robam induction cooker is safe to use.
9. The induction cooker undergoes 24 extreme tests before leaving our factory.
10. The touch button design allows you to easily control your cooking at the touch of a button, helping creating the perfect dish.
11. The induction cooker housing is made from ABS engineering plastics for great insulation and mechanical strength.

Technical Specifications

Power supply 220V~50Hz
Display type Digital tube + LED display
Rated power 2100W
Power regulation range 300~2100W
Temperature regulation range 60~240℃

Robam is a major electric pressure cooker manufacturer and supplier in China, Robam also provides range hood, sterilizer, food processor, electric kettle, cooktop, and oven etc.

Feedback Form
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