Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle
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1. The imported stainless steel crust of the electric kettle is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing.
2. The imported temperature controller is reliable, safe to use and has a long lifetime.
3. The stainless steel hot plate of the electric kettle offers a fast heating rate, high thermal efficiency and is easy to keep clean.
4. The Robam electric kettle has many safety protection devices, such as a boil dry protection device and a steam protection switch which enables the kettle to turn off automatically after the water reaches a full boil.
5. The Electric Kettle has an innovative filter design
6. The electric kettle can be flexibly swiveled at any angle from 0 to 360 degrees.
7. The detachable power base and separate glass insulation cup make operation more reliable and convenient.

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage 220V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated heating power 2000W
Rated thermal insulation power 42W
Rated capacity 1.2L
Net weight 1.8kg;

Robam is a major electric pressure cooker manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide sterilizer, induction cooker, range hood, gas hob, electric pressure cooker, and oven, among others.

Feedback Form
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