Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle
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1. The Robam electric kettle uses a top-quality stainless steel hot plate.  It heats up quickly, is wear resistant and has a very strong resistance to bacteria.
2. The Electric Kettle has an integral stainless steel filter design for effective filtration of scale, impurities, and easy cleanup.
3. The imported stainless steel crust of the electric kettle is simple, fashionable and durable.
4. A Strix temperature controller imported from England automatically turns the electric kettle off when the water is boiling.
5. The Electric Kettle offers double boil dry protection.

Technical Specifications

Power 1500W
Capacity 1.5L
Box size 190×190×260mm
GW/NW 1.3/0.8kg
Carton size 595×205×545mm
GW/NW(case) 8.5/7.5kg

Robam is a major electric pressure cooker manufacturer and supplier in China. In order to meet customers' various requirements, we also provide range hood, gas hob, sterilizer, induction cooker, oven, and electric pressure cooker.

Feedback Form
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