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Leading Kitchen Appliance Brand of China

Founded in 1979, Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co., Ltd. was the first professional kitchen appliance manufacturer existing in China. As a leader in the kitchen appliance industry, we use our vast experience to fulfill our customers' appliance requirements by providing durable and reliable products. We provide a comprehensive line of high quality products, including our range hood, gas hob, sterilizer, oven, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker, electric kettle, food processor, and more, which are all manufactured using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Superior products have earned us a position as one of Asia's top 500 most Influential Brands for five consecutive years, and on November 23, 2010, we were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market, under the stock code of 002508.

    1. Chimney Range Hood
    2. Chimney Range Hood CXW-200-8210 The foresighted crossover style repels flatness and the deep shield reflects fortitude.
      The Chimney Range Hood has a laser light effect aluminum alloy button, yellow-green musical digital electronic switch, two-grade strong and weak wind force, 1-9min delay function.
      The 28300 cu. mm. inner chamber of the chimney range hood is made using one-batch forming ...
    1. Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob
    2. Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob JZ(Y/T/R)-9G73 Robam centralized mainflame gas hob is designed in accordance with the principles of ergonomics. The switch interface with a forward tilt (8 degrees) contributes to user comfort. This, coupled with the innovative Omega patented switch style makes the gas hob a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.
    1. Sterilizer
    2. Sterilizer ZTD100B-802 The use of overall closed sterilization technology enables the Robam sterilizer to achieve omni-directional sterilization to better protect your health.
      Combining U-shaped design with European style handles, the sterilizer is classical and elegant.
      The use of far-infrared medium-temperature drying and automatic dehumidifying enables the ...
    1. Electric Oven
    2. Electric Oven KWS290-008The electric oven uses 8-stage circulating baking technology and realizes three-dimensional circulating baking.
      The Electric Oven offers extra large capacity (84L) and the 5-rack design enables you to make a delicious meal for the ...
    1. Steam Oven
    2. Steam Oven ZQB235AT The use of a dynamic circular steam balance technique ensures fast and equal heating throughout the oven, preserving the natural flavor and valuable nutrients of the food.
      The Robam steam oven comes with anti-dry protection, so you can feel secure in using it.
      The Steam Oven offers eight operating modes to suit your various requirements.
    1. Electric Pressure Cooker
    2. Electric Pressure Cooker CY50-217S The specially developed ARK nutrition technology and five-stage precise pressure control enable Robam electric pressure cooker to fully activate, release and seal the food nutrients.
      The cooker is noted for its wide pressure range (0-70 kpa). High pressure and micro pressure are both available.
    1. Induction Cooker
    2. Induction Cooker C21-19SHYou can use the 24-hour preset timer to have your favorite dish ready at a desired time
      With 16 security protection functions, the Robam induction cooker is safe to use.
      The induction cooker undergoes 24 extreme tests before leaving our factory.
      The touch button design allows you to easily control your cooking at the touch of a button, helping creating the perfect dish.
    1. Electric Kettle
    2. Electric Kettle SX1223BThe imported stainless steel crust of the electric kettle is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing.
      The imported temperature controller is reliable, safe to use and has a long lifetime.
      The stainless steel hot plate of the electric kettle offers a fast heating rate, high thermal efficiency and is easy to keep clean.

At Robam, we strive to balance our long-standing Chinese cooking culture with cutting-edge technology, so as to make cooking an easier and more enjoyable art for everyone. Constant technological innovations greatly assist us in achieving this. In April of 2007, we launched many groundbreaking products in the Great Hall of the People, including non-disassembly and wash-free A++ range hood, centralized main flame gas hob, and UP precise pressure control electric cooker. Our non-disassembly and wash-free A++ range hood use a hemispherical oil cup instead of traditional flat-bottomed oil cups, which completely eliminates the problem of fume escaping and greatly increases fume absorbing speed, thereby keeping kitchen air fresh and clean. Our centralized mainflame gas hob delivers improved thermal efficiency, which can significantly reduce cooking time. In addition, our patented double core absorber technology has resulted in range hoods entering a 17±12m3/min extra-large air flow era.

Backed by our ROD (Robam Original Design) team, we are able to continue to improve product design and create kitchen appliances that are both aesthetic and functional. As our kitchen appliances, such as the range hoods, gas hobs and ovens, come in an incredible variety of specifications and styles, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect product for your needs. The helpful staff at Robam is ready to assist you every step of the way, whether you require more information to make a product selection, or assistance with installation, maintenance, or anything else.

As a result of our superior quality and complete service, Robam range hoods, gas hobs and electrical pressure cookers are very popular with both domestic and overseas customers. In China, our products are typically sold through KA, Local super shops, exclusive shops, projects, E-business etc. Over 35 million families are enjoying the benefits of our products and services and more than 1.2 million Robam kitchen appliances are chosen by customers each year. While maintaining our leadership in the domestic market, we are striving to expand into international markets. In order to serve global customers' needs quickly, we have established agency companies in many countries, such as Pakistan and Myanmar.

If you have any kitchen appliance needs, please feel free to contact us at Robam. We look forward to working with you in the near future.